I did a strange split test on one of my landing pages right before attending Affiliate Summit East.  I decided to just test using two different call to action buttons.  The change was in the copy:

Landing Page 1 Call to Action text: “Visit __”
Landing Page 2 Call to Action text: “Get __”

The results:

Landing Page 1 conversion rate: 2.43%
Landing Page 2 conversion rate: 5.04%

Just changing the what the user does on the call to action more than doubled the conversion rate.  The results are statistically significant (96% confidence).  Another interesting thing was that the landing page CTR for both the landing pages were virtually same (within +/- 1% of each other).

In conclusion, split test more.  If you’re wondering why I think “Get __” did so much better, I think it was because “Get” causes more of an unconscious commitment when people click it versus “Visit.”

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9 thoughts on “Landing Page Optimization: Call-to-Action Buttons

  1. Interesting findings, I have always used visit or buy as landing page call to action. I am certainly going to try “GET” and see if I fair as well as your tests. Thanks.

  2. @Rex: Sorry, an entire screenshot would reveal the client, site and niche. Thanks for your interest anyway.

  3. I keep read sites that talk about becoming selling or making an extra income, and seeing your information is encouraging, because it is not so easy as they say it is..

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