backlinkThe quick and clean way to is to post on blogs. The below are possible excuses made by an unbelieving webmaster:

All blogs have the rel=”nofollow” on their blogs.

Not all — that’s what the list below is for.

Won’t the webmasters moderate their blogs so you can’t comment anything?

Yeah, but some are so excited that you commented on their blog that doesn’t get any traffic (like this one) — they’ll probably allow your comment if all you said was “nice post”.

Lists of blogs without the rel=”nofollow” – Provides a list with tags about the blogs. – A whole site-directory for dofollow blogs. – A Google custom search for do-follow blogs. – Over 200 blogs. – More than 300 blogs with Alexa Ranking. – Decent size list. – Lots of links. – A feed of recent posts from do-follow blogs (the quick and dirty way to backlinks). – Just a few blogs. – Not sure if still updated. – Indonesian list.

The other, related backlink trick

Become a do-follow (no-nofollow) blog and then submit your sites to all of those lists and get ton of high-quality back links from them. To do this, you can remove the rel=”nofollow” from all of the following blogging software: WordPress, TypePad, Blogger/BlogSpot, and Moveable Type.

Social bookmarking sites – A list of 24 popular sites.

Want more backlinks?

If you have a do-follow list or know of any others, submit a comment and I’ll add it!

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25 thoughts on “Get Free BackLinks w/o rel=”nofollow”

  1. Nice writeup here,
    I’m very interested in learning more about your approach of getting links through comments. I understand that by leaving comments on websites you often don’t get a “real” backlink since most blogging software uses rel=”no follow” for that link. Some readers might still see your comment, and visit your website but a search engine like google will often not count that as a backlink.

  2. Thanks for sharing list of do follow blogs.You are great dude and helped us by sharing dofollow blog lists.The theory is that the more backlinks we accumulate, the higher our PR is.

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