This is an ad taken from Caples’ Tested Advertising Methods book. Which of the below ads would bring in more sales?

Left or right ad?

If you guessed left, congratulations! You got the most popular choice… the choice most marketers think is best, but right actually brought in the most sales. Sorry, to get your hopes up!

Actually, the “Hundreds are changing to Fragrant Frostilla” headline beat “Popular secretary…” with 89% more responses.

The left has a surprising title or some may even consider it teaser, but it doesn’t actually attract the best audience. The audience that wants to read the left ad is looking for an investigation or story.

Reason-why copy works best with the right headline. It even starts right off with bandwagon appeal.

This should help you match your headline style with body copy. Learn more about copywriting: 93 Year Old Ad Gives You the Exact Formula to Write Amazing Copy.

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One thought on “Split-Test Results: Which Headline Made 89% More Sales?

  1. Hey Shock Marketer,

    This is my first time on your site. Your articles are very good.

    I guessed the right one, which of course is correct. I evaluated both the headlines based on John Caples’
    rules of writing good headlines:

    1. Self-interest
    2. News
    3. Curiosity
    4. Quick and Easy way

    Anyway, have a nice day!

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