This is the third part in the series on how to overcome a saturated niche. You may read part one and two here.

If you`re third to a market:

If your market is at the stage where they`ve heard all the claims, in all their extremes, then mere repetition or exaggeration wont work any longer. What this market needs now is a new device to make all these old claims become fresh and believable to them again. In other words, A NEW MECHANISM—a new way to making the old promise work. A different process—a fresh chance—a brand-new possibility of success where only disappointment has resulted before.

First the mechanism is brought into the headline to establish a point of difference—to make the old claims fresh and believable again. And then—once the prospect is told that here is a brand new chance for success—then the claim can he restated in full, to make sure that she realizes everything she is getting. Like this:

Released for the first time! The amazing scientific discovery that melts up to 37 POUNDS off men and women—without starvation diets, without a single hungry moment—without even giving up the foods you love!

Or—using the same Third-Stage arrangement of mechanism in the headline, and claim elaborated in the lead paragraph—we have this ad:

Used successfully by thousands of physicians! Lose as many pounds as you like without diets, without exercise, without giving up the kinds of food you love to eat!

In both these ads—and all others like them—the promise itself is subordinated to the mechanism which accomplishes that promise. This mechanism is featured in the headline. When ads such as these are successful, you are dealing with a market that is in its Third Stage of Sophistication.

`It does the work for you!` It`s this mechanism or invention that claims to do the work. It gives the added benefit with very little work on the consumer`s side. At least this is the claim or implied claim from the headline.

If you`re well aware of affiliate marketing and the promotion of acai berries for weight loss, then you should understand this third stage. Combining both acai and a colon cleanser was a new mechanism for weight loss. This was the promotion that broke through the saturation. It was a new mechanism instead of the usual dangerous drugs on the market or the amazing one pill solution.

Let`s get off the topic of weight loss, and look at this in a more general way. There`s a change in the length of the headline from stages one to three. Stage one has the shortest headline, while stage three has a longer headline plus a comprehensive lead-in (or sub-headline). The same applies to the body copy. You will need longer ad copy, the further you are in the stages of sophistication.

This won`t work perfectly. Almost instantly, your entire competition will claim to be new and amazing. There is a way to cut through the clutter and appear like the better invention. That will be covered in part four.

Part 4: How to dominate an oversaturated niche.

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