Jeremy “Shoemoney” Shoemaker had an interview on Mixergy to promote his autobiography. Although I’ve never met him, he definitely knows copywriting. In the interview, he was asked what his shortcut or one tip that he has to write ad copy.

I thought you’d find his copywriting technique interesting. It may even be worth split-testing his technique with your own. Shoemaker’s shortcut is just 3 steps:

  1. Pain – You have to make the customer feel pain. What they are missing out on. “Right now you are being ripped off because of X.”
  2. Potential – What if there’s a product that did this?
  3. Proof – “Jimmy Bob bought it and here’s what he had to say…”

I thought this a fantastic overview of how you can write most of the time. This can be quite effective in story format. Then, he also went on to describe how to handle those ADD-type customers.

How to persuade your audience when they have a short attention span

Because of people’s short attention span, most of your sales message should be persuading customers that even skim your sales page. You can do this by using bold, highlighted text, and changing colors. Use bullet points on many things that you can. Things need to be continually switched up to essentially “reset” the user’s attention span. According to my knowledge, this is also considered a “double-readership path” by some. I’m hoping to do a full article and case study on this subject in the near future.

Shoemoney has a simple 3 step technique. It’s a bit different from mine, but it has a lot of the same components that I use. I follow this technique (most of the time).

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5 thoughts on “Shoemoney’s copywriting shortcut… the 3 Ps

    • Yeah, story-telling is one of the best ways to sell. Really, all there is, is reason-why copy and story copy, but when those two are combined… it sells really well.

        • I like the 93 year old ad technique best as you see a clear example, see more details of the “formula,” and first line teaser makes a huge difference. But both copywriting techniques overlap so you can really combine and split test them for your audience to see which brings in more sales.

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