Don’t read anymore. Watch the commercial above.

This Old Spice ad went viral and got 10,730,681 views on YouTube.

Here’s what’s awesome about the ad: The commercial is consciously talking to women — about a male’s product. At first glance, that doesn’t make any sense, but look at the demographics this commercial hit according to YouTube:

Ahem, it successfully went viral among their target audience — young males. The takeaway: try testing ad elements that are going to subconsciously affect/appeal to your audience.

Update 7/29/10:

So sales doubled because of Old Spice’s recent marketing campaigns. I’m not surprised. Viral soft selling commercials work well for low-cost items.

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4 thoughts on “10,730,681 Free Ad Impressions, Anyone?

  1. That’s got ideas brewing like you wouldn’t believe. Thanks for the post!

    That was actually really good. I get kind of annoyed at the Terry Tate ones, but the “I’m on a horse” line was flawless.

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