Copywriting is the act of writing words that sell. I’ve found just by changing a paragraph, it can result in 2 to 4 times the sales. Some have found the difference can be 19.5 times more sales. How can you write these “magical” sentences? See some of my favorite copywriting articles:


  1. 93 Year Old Ad Gives You the Exact Formula to Write Amazing Copy – Using teasers, benefits, credibility, and “the push.”
  2. Follow this 1 Rule to Guarantee the Profitability of Any Campaign – All of your advertisements should keep this “equation” in mind C = 4M + 3V + 2(I-F) – 2A.
  3. Getting 80-90% Conversion Rates on $60+ Retail Purchases – The principles of influence.
  4. Genius Copywriting With Only One Word – Examples and actionable advice on how to write a product name that sells itself.
  5. Learn from copywriter, David Ogilvy

Writing headlines:

  1. Are You Forgetting This Most Important Step in Writing a Headline? – Learn the 3 types of headlines: self-interest, news, arouse curiosity.
  2. Split-Test Results: Which Headline Made 89% More Sales?

Using credibility:

  1. Why One Advertiser May Love The FTC – About the power of credibility.

Writing call to actions:

  1. The Science Behind the Best Converting Call-To-Action Buttons

These are my favorite posts that I’ve written so far about copywriting. Browse the right column for other important articles that can help your business make more money.

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